Wednesday, June 27, 2007

5 Forbidden Sentences

There's some interesting stuff posted over at "Theology of the Body." This caught my eye:

These five apologetic responses point out the self-refutation of modern relativism.

1. Everything is Relative

But this statement presumes that its proposition is right, and that to disagree with it would be wrong. This statement presumes that "everything is relative" except the assertion that everything is relative. So obviously not everything is relative.

2. There are no absolutes

This statement itself poses the absolute proposition that there are no absolutes.

3. Who’s to say?

This question presumes the elitism of private judgment. The same question can be turned around: who’s to ask? ...The most reasonable solution is that it’s the person with the best arguments who gets to make assertions and pose challenges. Then you can have a real conversation.

4. There is no such thing as right/wrong

Again, this statement makes a proposition that the speaker presumes is right, such that an opponent would be wrong to disagree with it. It defeats itself.

5. Everything is determined by the laws of nature

Including this opinion?

Read it all.

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