Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Failure of Belief

It's been posted for almost a year, but this piece from "The Anglican Centrist" is worth looking at again. Here's a teaser:

... while the Universal Church in general, and many Anglican churches in specific, are growing worldwide, our provincial house is not in order. The place where we spend our lives in the One Body is in trouble. The Episcopal Church is in a crisis unlike any it’s faced before – and it has almost nothing to do with homosexuality or homosexual persons.

No, while the Good News remains vital in this culture and age, as always and everywhere, our provincial church institution is in decline. That we are in decline in an age defined by the widespread interest in spirituality and Christianity, in a society with a growing population, is unacceptable. As a missionary society on a provincial scale, we are a flop.

Our primary problem is a failure of belief.

Read it all.

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