Monday, July 23, 2007

The Creeds and Christian Believing

"The Anglican Centrist" strikes again!

This time, Fr. Jones writes about the historic creeds. And that's too good for the "Creedal Christian" to pass up.

Here's a brief teaser:

For at least nineteen centuries, the Church has made certain professions of the faith referred to as ‘creeds.’ The word ‘creed’ comes from the Latin credo – which means ‘I believe.’ For Christians, when we say we ‘believe,’ we are not merely saying, “I accept the truthful correctness of such and such.” When we say 'We believe,’ we are furthermore saying, “We are putting our faith, hope and love in the nature of God and our relationship with Him.”

Christian belief is so much more than intellectual assent to certain ideas or ideologies or systems of understanding the world. Christian belief is about giving your life to a relationship with God, and it is about living within the bonds and boundaries of that relationship.

Certainly, there is much, much more to 'being in Christ' than holding these creeds close to the heart -- but there is certainly not less.

Read it all.

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