Friday, August 17, 2007

The Need for Creeds

There's an interview with the late Jaroslav Pelikan (about whom I've posted before) on creedal Christianity over at the "Speaking of Faith" website.

You can listen to it here.

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bls said...

That's a good interview, and a good show. I think I remember hearing that when it was first broadcast, in fact - or maybe when it was broadcast after his death.

I love the Creeds; they are the very thing that makes the Church inclusive of all sorts and conditions of people; God help us all if we ever throw them out in favor of some sort of "Confession." I didn't used to believe in them, so I kept quiet when they were recited. Over time, though, I've come to the point where I'm highly impressed with them for what they are and what they say.

Anyway, I highly recommend "Speaking of Faith." It's on on Saturday mornings here, and is always interesting.