Thursday, September 27, 2007

Words of Wisdom

In the wake of the recent House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans, I came across these words of wisdom from Fr. Tony Clavier. I appreciate and welcome Fr. Tony's efforts to put things into proper perspective.


Those of us who deplore the methodology of General Convention infallibility still cannot give up the essential catholicity and liberality of Anglicanism merely because we managed to be born at a time in which the Province in which we serve seems good at erring and straying. Nothing is for ever except God and His purpose.

I am convinced that one of the great errors of this generation is that we all believe that we are stuck in a moment of time, believe that what now is is crucial and that we must fix it now or God will lose and the church fail. This is a lie from our father below.

Now if TEC [The Episcopal Church] abolishes its formularies, creates a liturgy incapable of grace-bearing, and annuls ministry, then that’s quite another matter. For now patient faithfulness is the calling of some of us, as best we can, under the mercy.


ru said...

To be "stuck in a moment of time" is to advance a "me" vision to take advantage of the liberality of Anglicanism. While there is a need to be sensitive to all views within the Church, we must be careful to remember the statement made by Atticus Finch in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD: "The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience".
We must get away from all focus being on divisive issues and direct ourselves into doing that which Christ has commanded us to do. Our personal agendas be they politics or human sexuality should not become so important to us that we over intrude into the conscience of others to the point of hindering the spread of the full message of Christ. Rather than being "in your face" we can best change the views of others by being living examples of what Christ calls us to be.
Bishop Gary said it well: "May God give us the grace and courage to live more fully into God’s call to us to be One Church in Mission"

ru said...

Don't post on a blog while talking on the phone or your Bishop may change his name.

Saju Muthalaly said...

Interesting post! Watching and waiting is not bad after all