Friday, December 7, 2007

Climbing the Mountain of Revelation

"We climb the mountain of revelation that we may gain a view of the shadowed valley in which we dwell and from the valley we look up again to the mountain. Each arduous journey brings new understanding, but also new wonder and surprise. This mountain is not one we climbed once upon a time; it is a well-known peak we never wholly know, which must be climbed again in every generation, on every new day. There is no time or place in human history, there is no moment in the church's past, nor is there any set of doctrines, any philosophy or theology of which we might say, 'Here the knowledge possible through revelation and the knowledge of revelation is fully set forth.' Revelation is not only progressive, but it requires of those to whom it has come that they begin the never-ending pilgrim's progress of the reasoning Christian heart."

H. Richard Niebuhr, The Meaning of Revelation (Macmillan, 1941), p. 137.

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