Sunday, April 27, 2008

Resurrection-Shaped Answers

On this Orthodox Easter Day, it seems appropriate to offer the following reflections from a defender of the bodily resurrection of our Lord:

"The worldview questions, when posed to the early Christians, elicit a set of resurrection-shaped answers. Who are we? Resurrection people: a people, that is, formed within the new world which began at Easter and which has embraced us, in the power of the Spirit, in baptism and faith. Where are we? In God's good creation, which is to be restored; in bodies that will be redeemed, though at present they are prone to suffering and decay and will one day die. What's wrong? The work is incomplete: the project which began at Easter (the defeat of sin and death) has not yet been finished. What's the solution? The full and final redemption of the creation, and ourselves with it; this will be accomplished through a fresh act of creative grace when Jesus reappears, and this in turn is anticipated in the present by the work of the Spirit. What time is it? In the overlap of the ages: the 'age to come', longed for by Israel, has already begun, but the 'present age' still continues. This correlates, obviously, with the redefinition-from-within of resurrection itself which we have already explored."

- N. T. Wright, The Resurrection of the Son of God (Fortress Press, 2003), p. 581.

Want to learn more? Then read the book.


thomas bushnell, bsg said...

i agree with Wright here, and his words are good and true here.

it is difficult, however, to overlook the niggling little point that he'd support an attempt to remove me from society. i find it hard to get past that part.

Bryan+ said...

Please say more, Thomas. I don't see any reference in this quotation (or in anything I've read by Wright, for that matter) about "removing" anybody from society.

thomas bushnell, bsg said...

Wright is opposed to the full equality of gay and lesbian people in church or civil society, and writes as if society would be better off without gay and lesbian people.

Bryan+ said...

I am aware of Wright's conservative take on such matters as gay marriage and other issues relating to homosexual persons, but I was not aware that Wright "writes as if society would be better off without gay and lesbian people." Can you cite some relevant texts?

thomas bushnell, bsg said...

when a person says that God's ideal is for everyone to be heterosexual, they are saying that God's ideal is for nobody to be homosexual. i'm taking that sin language seriously.

Bryan+ said...

If that's what Wright really says, then that is most unfortunate. I would part company with him on that. (Is there a specific book of his that you have in mind?)

BTW, I'm unclear as to the relevance of this concern to this posting's focus on the reality of our Lord's resurrection.