Friday, May 16, 2008

Tellin' It Like It Is



Chris+ said...

Too true. I wish I had the courage to say it.

Thx for the prayers. So far, so good.


BillyD said...

Tthe bishop is mistaken if he thinks that this sort of hypocrisy is limited to the Church. It may be most glaring when committed by Christians, but I've seen this sort of behavior in the secular workplace and in schools, too.

Bryan+ said...

Chris+, glad to hear that things are going well.

BillyD, I think your observation, while correct, misses the bishop's point - which is that the behavior of Christians is all too often indistinguishable from the behavior we find in the secular workplace, schools, etc. We're called to a higher standard, to be different (note the Baptismal Covenant in the Episcopal Church), and yet, how often is it possible to tell the difference between us and anybody else? And how often do non-Christians ("sinners" and criminals, no less!) exemplify behavior that puts us to shame?