Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trinity Sunday Reflection

From Leonardo Boff - Brazilian, Franciscan, Roman Catholic priest and theologian:

"God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in reciprocal communion. They coexist from all eternity; none is before or after, or superior or inferior, to the other. Person enwraps the others; all permeate one another and live in one another. This is the reality of Trinitarian communion, so infinite and deep that the divine Three are united and are therefore one sole God. The divine unity is communitarian because each Person is in communion with the other two. ... The Persons are distinct ... not in order to be separated but to come together and to be able to give themselves to one another" [Holy Trinity, Perfect Community (Orbis Books, 2000), p. 3].

Dare we imagine what the Church (much less the World) would look like if it even began to mirror this?

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