Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Power of Negative Thinking

When Jesus calls on us to repent, He is calling on us to say no to sin because we have said yes to God in Christ Jesus. We hear a lot today about the power of positive thinking. Let me tell you one thing: There is just as much power in negative thinking, especially when it is directed against sin and evil. Negative thinking is the ability to say no to evil and wrong.

Anthony M. Coniaris


bls said...

Fr. Bryan, this isn't really on-topic for this post, but I wondered if you'd ever seen the website "Full Homely Divinity"?

I think it would really appeal to you. There's a page full of wonderful articles about Anglicanism here, and I think you'd appreciate the perspective, if you're not already aware of this.

I was just over there this a.m. and thought I should let you know about it, that's all.

Bryan Owen said...

Thanks, bls! I was not aware of this website, and it looks really cool. I appreciate your bringing it to my attention.