Friday, June 13, 2008

Rubrixx Live

Gearing up for tonight's Sudanese Ministry Benefit Concert, a clergy friend passed along a video he shot of our band Rubrixx performing at out annual Diocesan Council meeting in Natchez last January. I think we've improved in the months since, but it was a lot of fun playing at Council, and we're very excited to be playing in downtown Jackson tonight at Hal & Mal's.

Rubrixx lineup:

Check out the video.


Bryan Owen said...

In spite of a low turnout (which we expected, since this is Jubilee Jam weekend and - of all acts to headline it this year - ZZ Top was playing), we still raised about $1,700 dollars for our Sudanese friends. And boy was it a lot of fun!

bls said...

Good going!

I liked the video, too; it does look like fun.

Bryan Owen said...

Thanks bls! I'm hoping we'll get to play again soon.

Bryan Owen said...

I'm pleased to say that I stand corrected. We actually raised over $2,000 for our Sudanese friends.