Friday, July 18, 2008

Anglican Beard Enthusiasts

The explanation on the Facebook page says it all:

This group is dedicated to the appreciation, examination, evaluation, and propagation of tremendous facial hair on Anglicans, particularly clergy.

The name of the group, however, should lead none to believe that we are only interested in beards. In fact, all forms of facial hair are applauded, including disgusting mustaches, unconsciousable sideburns, and that most prolific of Anglican facial hair: the overhanging eyebrows.

Just as Thomas Cranmer surely stroked his navel-length beard as the first edition of The Book of Common Prayer flowed from his pen, so too do we seek to celebrate and cultivate similarly inspiring beards on all Anglicans such that they might truly be a light to all the peoples of the world.

Check it out.


BillyD said...

Weird, weird, weird:

Bryan Owen said...

I'm with you BillyD. Bizarro indeedo.