Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Mount of Beatitudes

The Gospel reading for All Saints' Day this year in the Revised Common Lectionary is Matthew's version of "The Beatitudes." How cool is it that just over a week ago I was visiting the Mount of Beatitudes in Galilee? While nobody knows with certainty exactly where Jesus delivered the "Sermon on the Mount" (assuming, of course, that he delivered it all at one time in one setting), this particular site has been visited by pilgrims for more than 1,600 years.

Getting our bearings.

The Church of the Beatitudes.

Looking up inside the church.

Crucifix inside the church.

A nun keeps watch at the church's entrance.

Blessed are those who obtain authorization to attend worship,
for they shall be included.

A view of the Sea of Galilee from the Mount of Beatitudes.


BillyD said...

I don't understand - authorization from whom? And why?

BillyD said...

OK, I know enough Hebrew to make out some of the sign. It's addressed to "Guides and agents of the church" and asks them to "please reserve places for prayer", and not to occupy them "without the permission of the place" (the Church, I suppose). I think it sounds better in the Hebrew than it does in English or the other languages.

Bryan Owen said...

Good clarification, BillyD. I suspect that this is one of many instances in which the English translation fails to adequately convey the intentions of the Hebrew.

BillyD said...

One of my favorite Israeli signs is at Nimrod's Castle, up in the Golan. It's a Turkish fortress built on the edge of a precipice, and there's a warning sign that says, "Beware Abyss!"