Friday, March 20, 2009

'I Am Episcopalian' Satire

An Episcopal News Service article describes a recently launched church "microsite":

A communications initiative to tell the Episcopal Church's story was launched on Ash Wednesday at where visitors will find a new interactive feature called "I Am Episcopalian."

The so-called "microsite" contains short videos of people "sharing their deep, personal connections to the big, wide, vibrant church that we are," said Anne Rudig, who joined the Episcopal Church Center in New York as communications director on January 5.

Not only will the videos illustrate the diversity of Episcopalians -- "all ages, all walks of life, all ethnicities," said Rudig -- but the site also will let users upload their own videos.

Uploaded videos will be monitored before being posted and should be no longer then 90 seconds, said Rudig. "I am Episcopalian" will be the website homepage throughout Lent, with a link to the rest of the Episcopal Church's web content.

It is part of a renewed communications effort "to tell our own story," Rudig noted. "We are hoping it will grow, and we hope the rest of the world will see what a dynamic church we have."

The microsite also can be reached at

While I have not been able to log on to the microsite (what happened to it?), I have seen a few of the videos. One of the entries really caught my attention (I don't know, however, if it ever made it on to the site). It's by Mike Byrd of Baltimore, and it's a bitingly satirical take on the "progressive" side of The Episcopal Church. This guy's got the lingo and attitude down pat:

Hat tip to Fr. John D. Alexander of Videtur Quod.


Joe Rawls said...

A lot of the people on Stand Firm thought this was for real, at least for the first half. A "St Arius of Alexandria" church sounds oddly familiar.

Bryan Owen said...

Perhaps that church is somewhere near the parish church of St. Marcion?