Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bart Ehrman on the Colbert Report

Bart Ehrman explains why the Bible is a big fat lie and Stephen Colbert is an idiot for believing it.

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Bart Ehrman
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Joe Rawls said...

Let's talk Colbert into converting to Anglicanism and have him run for bishop of Northern Michigan! TEC could stand a good dose of "son of duck", "Jesus is an elephant" theology.

Bryan Owen said...

Colbert for bishop: what a fantastic idea!

djs259 said...

With all his flippancy and crass mockery Colbert actually refutes the intellectually bankrupt (but full of himself) Bart Ehrman. He was not kidding about serving him up on a plate!

Bryan Owen said...

Quite right, djs259! When Colbert is on target like this, it is beautiful to behold.

V. Fournier said...


Bart Ehrman is not only right, he is excessively conservative.
Most of the Bible was written by Marcion, and both Jesus and all the 'Apostles' (including Paul) are fictional post-facto historicizations of a syncretic Mediterranean mythology.

Colbert is actually a caricature, you people are a caricature of a caricature.

Bryan Owen said...


Your comment is almost as hilarious as the best of Colbert, V. Fournier!

However, I would not advise giving up your day job for the comedy tour circuit ...