Thursday, April 30, 2009

Defending the Resurrection


bls said...

That's a good video, and he makes excellent points.

The best answer, though, I think, is the one you gave earlier: why bother with a religion that doesn't see Christ as the resurrected Son of God? We can do ethics outside of church; we certainly don't need religion for that.

The only reason I go to church is because Trinitarian Christianity is so powerful and answers so many questions; who would bother with bizarre, retrograde organization like the Church otherwise?

Bryan Owen said...

You're absolutely right, bls. We don't need the Church's doctrine of Christ or doctrine of God to do ethics. Many secular-minded persons, including many atheists, have championed causes of social justice that are near and dear to the hearts of lots of Episcopalians and other "mainline" Christians.

I'm in agreement with you about why bother with Church. And also with something that Deacon Phil wrote in response to an earlier posting:

I am a Christian, not because it works for me, but because I am convinced that Jesus is God Incarnate and that he defeated death and sin by his crucifixion, death, and resurrection.God knows there are times when life would be so much easier without the Church were it not for this core conviction!