Friday, August 7, 2009

Churchgoers Don't Care about Anglican Schism

As long it doesn't affect me, it's really not all that important.

When it comes to the stress and strain on the bonds of affection between the Episcopal Church and much of the rest of the Anglican Communion, such is the reasoning of HE Baber, University of San Diego Philosophy Professor and Episcopalian. Here's some of what she has to say in a recent article for The Guardian:

I used to think the Anglican communion was simply a list of churches where I was officially entitled to receive communion – rather like a network of cash machines at which I could use my ATM card.

I've just googled and now know better. The Anglican communion, I discovered, is an institution. It has offices, employs executives and support staff, oversees innumerable committees, commissions and working groups, maintains an observer at the UN, runs conferences, produces reams of paperwork and maintains a website.

None of this has anything to do with me. My local Episcopal church has a priest to conduct services and do pastoral work, sextons to maintain the facilities and an organist. That is all I, and I suspect most other lay people, expect or want from the church: a building, liturgy and pastoral care if needed. I don't understand how the operations of the Anglican communion facilitate the work of parish churches or benefit their members. ...

I'm not sure what a schism in the Anglican communion will mean for me as an Episcopalian. Will I still be officially entitled to receive communion in the CofE or Anglican churches elsewhere? It hardly matters since Anglican churches don't issue communion tickets or check credentials, and I don't see any other way that the schism could affect me.

So what's all this fuss about catholicity and the Anglican Communion all about? After all, it doesn't affect me.


Joe Rawls said...

This woman's a philosopher? More Episcopal Congregationalism in drag.

Tregonsee said...

When the tombstone for the Episcopal Church is installed, the epitaph will read "But is doesn't effect us here!"

Greg Griffith said...

We're safe here in the Diocese of ________.

Bishop _____ would never let anything like tat happen here.

Reformation said...

Theological indifference in TEC is no surprise at all. What is the element of some humour, at least to me, is the current fracas on sexuality, while there has been decades of exegetical, hermeneutical and doctrinal aberrancies. Doctrinally dysfunctional. The upside is that there are people asking what is a genuine Anglican identity.