Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anglicanism is a Nonsense Religion

It appears that, in his dismissal of the Anglican Communion as an "imaginary community" created to justify the oppression of dissidents and minorities, Frank M. Turner isn't the only one on a roll with trashing Anglicanism these days.

Fr. John Hunwicke, priest-in-charge of St. Thomas the Martyr Church in Oxford, England, has some rather pointed words to say about Anglicanism in a recent blog posting. Here's a teaser:

Anglicanism is a nonsense religion, a dim, pathetic, ridiculous superstition, developed within the last 150 or so years. ... The sooner that 'Anglicanism' is shovelled into the trash-can of History, the better.

Read it all.

Thanks to BillyD for bringing this to my attention in a comment on a previous posting.


Christopher said...

With due respect to one of the commenters on Fr. Hunwicke's post, misidentifying a relational tendency with lukewarmness does injustice to all of the plain-tom-and-jane Anglicans. Enthusiasm and overzealousness are not exactly marks of virtue. I prefer our boring, bogstandard, solid sorts. A teaser from Chapter 5:

Who [Stephen] Sykes does not adequately address, in my opinion, are those majority of Anglicans who did not (and do not) readily identify with a party, either Evangelical or Anglo-Catholic, or the wide-range of liberal thinkers. Who in some way found (and find) themselves navigating hardened versions of various positions and trying to get and pray along. This middle is admittedly somewhat conflict averse, but not necessarily content-less or without its own courage—after all, it takes a great deal of strength to remain in relationship with one another in the midst of heated conflicts and hardened battle cries. I would suggest that most Anglicans were and remain Sykes’ “central Anglicans.”...This middle is similar to what Haigh terms “parish Anglicans”.

Bryan Owen said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful quote, Christopher. Not having identified with a church party (and finding things of value in all the so-called "parties"), this resonates with me.

What book are you quoting from?

Christopher said...

That's from my dissertation.

Bryan Owen said...

Nice! Have you completed your dissertation? Any plans to publish it?