Friday, January 1, 2010

Archbishop of Canterbury's New Year Message

See also Ruth Gledhill's article on the Archbishop's message at The Times.


Chazaq said...

Another disappointing offering from Rowan. He mentions the discredited Millenium Development Goals twice. Would it hurt him to mention the Name of Jesus just once?

Bryan Owen said...

I was not aware, Chazaq, that the Millenium Development Goals had been discredited. When and where did this happen?

Chazaq said...

Hi Bryan,

When did this happen? When the global economy tanked and the wealthier Western countries focused on other priorities. The global economic conditions under which the MDGs were established no longer pertain. Some folks realize the implications, some don't. Yet.

Where did this happen? In every G8 country.

As a consequence of the above, the studies are now coming out (e.g., the Institue of Development Studies in Sussex) based on the most recent MDG annual report acknowledging that the whole approach to establishing goals to reach by 2015 will have to be rethought based on the new economic realities and priorities. None of the MDGs will be met as they are currently defined (with the possible exception of two, I forget which ones, but even those are in doubt). A new policy framework other than the MDGs will have to be put together because the MDG model does not account for the global game changers currently shaping development policy.

Bryan Owen said...

Thanks for the response, Chazaq. My hope is that the Church will continue to press for the basic values represented by the MDGs, regardless of what the current global political or financial climate may be. No doubt, it's important to be realistic in how we go about this. But abandoning the whole thing (much less writing it off as somehow of the anti-Christ, as I've seen some Christian bloggers suggest), strikes me as off the reservation.