Sunday, March 28, 2010

Questions About Jesus for Entering Holy Week

How is it plausible that two thousand years ago there lived a man born in poverty in a remote corner of the world, whose life was abruptly cut short in his early thirties, who traveled only in a small area, who held no public office, yet whose impact upon us appears greater than all others? How is it that one who died the death of a criminal could be worshiped as Lord by billions?

This is the surprising paradox of his earthly life, but even this is not its deepest mystery. Why are people willing to renounce all to follow him and even die in his service? How is it possible that centuries later his life would be avidly studied and worshipers would address their prayers to him? What accounts for this surprising relation he has with this community?

Classic Christian teaching answers without apology: what was said about him then is true now;
he actually was:
Son of God,
promised Messiah,
the one Mediator between God and humanity,
truly God,
truly human,
who liberated humanity from the power of sin by his death on the cross,
who rose from the dead to confirm his identity as the promised one.

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