Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Differential Feature of Christianity

"Without the hypothesis that Jesus is God-incarnate it is hard to make sense of any part of the New Testament. These claims by Jesus and the apostles, taken together, have led Christians to conclude that the valid beginning point for understanding this particular man is plainly and simply that he is truly God while not ceasing to be truly human.

"The deity of Christ is the differential feature of Christianity. Even Hegel could discern that 'the Christian religion has this characteristic: that the Person of Christ in his character of the Son of God himself partakes of the nature of God.'

"A suffering messiah who is less than God may elicit our pity or admiration, but not our worship. A messiah to whom one cannot pray is not the Christ of the New Testament. If the Messiah is God's own coming, then Christ is God, according to apostolic reasoning."

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