Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marriage as a Spiritual Discipline

"I believe it is possible to enter marriage with a view to being cleansed spiritually, if, that is, we do so with a willingness to embrace marriage as a spiritual discipline. To do this, we must not enter marriage predominately to be fulfilled, emotionally satisfied, or romantically charged, but rather to become more like Jesus Christ. We must embrace the reality of having our flaws exposed to our partner, and thereby having them exposed to us as well. Sin never seems quite as shocking when it is known only to us; when we see how it looks or sounds to another, it is magnified ten times over. The celibate can 'hide' frustration by removing himself from the situation, but the married man or woman has no true refuge. It is hard to hide when you share the same bed."

~ Gary Thomas, Sacred Marriage (2000)

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