Monday, July 5, 2010

Progressive Christianity

There's lots more where this one came from at "The Sacred Sandwich."

Like this:

And then there's this:

Check it out at "The Sacred Sandwich."

Hat tip to Scott Gunn at "Seven Whole Days."

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plsdeacon said...

I am reminded of a joke:
Four pastors meet weekly for Bible Study and theological discussion. Three of them are liberal and one is conservative. The conservative normally doesn't rock the boat too much, but makes his views known.

One day, the discussion gets heated and the three liberal pastors begin to talk about the "spiritual resurrection" as opposed to the "crude, physical resurrection." The conservative pastor can't take this and prays: "Lord, I know that I agree with You on this, but my brothers here need a sign. Please send us a sign that Jesus physically rose from the dead."
The sky darkens and the lights flicker.
"So?" said the first liberal pastor, "That's just a fluke"
The conservative pastor prays again for a sign. The sky darkens and the lights flicker off and lightning strikes the ground outside the office.
"So?" says the second liberal pastor, "Just a freak spring storm."
The conservative pastor prays for a third sign and the sky darkens, the lights go out, lightning strikes the same spot and a voice from heaven declares: "He's right! Jesus physically rose on the 3rd day!"
"So?" says the third liberal pastor, "It's still three against two!"

Phil Snyder