Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Cloudy Tempest of Maliciousness

"My mind leadeth me to fly and to convey myself into some corner out of sight, where I may scape from this cloudy tempest of maliciousness, whereby all parts are entered into a deadly war amongst themselves, and that little remnant of love which was, is now consumed to nothing. The only godliness we glory in, is to find out somewhat whereby we may judge others to be ungodly. Each other's faults we observe as matter of exprobation and not of grief. By these means we are grown hateful in the eyes of the heathens themselves, and (which woundeth us the more deeply) able we are not to deny but that we have deserved their hatred. With the better sort of our own our fame and credit is clean lost. The less we are to marvel if they judge vilely of us, who although we did well would hardly allow thereof. On our backs they also build that are lewd, and what we object one against another, the same they use to the utter scorn and disgrace of us all. This we have gained by our mutual home-dissensions. This we are worthily rewarded with, which are more forward to strive than becometh men of virtuous and mild disposition."


A. D. Hunt said...

Forget how awesome St. Gregory Nazianzen is, and he is awesome, but how rich is that translation?

If only Hooker had done some more extensive translation of the Fathers!

A. D. Hunt said...

The greatness of St. Gregory Nazianzen aside, and he is great, that translation by Hooker is so rich.

If only he had done more extensive translations!

Bryan Owen said...

Thank you, A.D.

Although I serve as a priest in a relatively conflict-free diocese (at least for now), I post this quotation as a reminder that the Church has been through times of "a deadly war among themselves" many times before.

At the same time, in posting this I was mindful of dear friends (lay and ordained) who are questioning whether or not they can stay in the Episcopal Church, and who are feeling the pressure (in some cases actively exerted from others) to leave. Their angst (which, of course, touches me as their friend), and the likelihood that, in spite of all of the glowing rhetoric of "inclusivity" and "diversity" that the leaders of the Liberal Party in TEC spin, that they will not be welcome to serve in this church and could some day even be persecuted if they stay and fail to tow the party line, chills me to the bone.

Who will be next?

The Underground Pewster said...

It chills us, and it grieves us.