Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Therapy of Silence

Today's meditation from Forward Day by Day (first published in 1973 and reprinted in the current issue) is a timely one for me, particularly as we move closer to the busyness of the post-Labor Day Cathedral calendar.

Psalm 39. While I pondered, the fire burst into flame.

“Activism does not make theologians…The voice of God is heard only in quiet. Good tidings are at everyone’s door if they would stop talking and listen to the knock.”

These are the words of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, advice from a wise priest that every Christian should take seriously. He calls it the “therapy of silence.” It is true that the more burdened we are with responsibilities, the more we need silence to meditate.

It is in meeting God in this quietness, alone, that we begin to learn how to hear God’s voice. It is in meeting God face to face that we are brought to see our sinfulness and to know forgiveness. It is in God’s peace that we obtain the peace that passes understanding.

While we are musing, while we meditate, the fire kindles. The Holy Spirit operates in a way which is impossible in our busyness. Spiritual lives are developed in silence, where the deep things of our lives are shaped.