Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Off to Clergy Conference

I'll be taking a bit of time off from blogging as I'm about to head to my diocese's annual clergy conference at the Duncan M. Gray Episcopal Camp and Conference Center.

It's always a good thing to gather with my fellow presbyters and my bishop, and it's fitting that for at least part of the time our deacons will also be present. There's sufficient diversity in theological and political perspectives among the clergy in this diocese to serve as a reminder that, the current powers-that-be notwithstanding, the larger whole of the Church transcends any particular (much less partisan) point of view.

I'm pleased that the Very Rev. Kevin Martin, dean of St. Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral in Houston, Texas, will be joining us. I'm hoping he'll help us address issues relating to mission, evangelism, and mainline decline.

And I've also heard that we may talk about the Anglican Covenant. Given the largely left-of-center legislative majority currently running the show at General Convention, I believe that the Covenant is dead in the Episcopal Church. But the kinds of issues it raises about autonomy and communion remain vitally important.

Between Kevin's work with us and the controversy the Anglican Covenant inevitably raises, this should make for some interesting conversations!

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