Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A True Account of Jesus

" ... in order to give a true account of Jesus, it is not enough to tell his story simply as a human story. One must also tell it as a story about God. The coming of Jesus is the coming of God to be with us. The ministry of Jesus is God's taking a hand in human affairs. The dying of Jesus is God's way of loving and forgiving sinners. The triumph of Jesus is the 'happening' in which God begins his new creation. And this is precisely what the New Testament and the creeds say."

~ Richard A. Norris, Understanding the Faith of the Church (1979)

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Anonymous said...

These words make me think that too often we try to fit the stories and truth of scripture into our lives, making the stories small rather than examining our lives and discovering how they fit in the larger story, the story, of God's life.