Thursday, January 6, 2011

That Our Lives May Become Epiphanies of Christ for Each Other

Over at Interrupting the Silence, Fr. Mike Marsh offers beautiful reflections in a posting entitled "Becoming Epiphany." Here's part of what he writes:

When we think of the Epiphany we probably most often think of the star and the magi or wise men. But the Epiphany is a feast of our Lord’s life. It is a feast about Jesus not the star or the magi and their gifts. The star and the magi are simply our guides or pointers to Christ. The Epiphany celebrates the manifestation of Jesus’ divine nature and this takes place through his humanity. It is through Jesus’ humanity that we see God.

In celebrating the Epiphany we are asking God, who by the leading of a star manifested his Son to the peoples of the earth, to lead us to God’s presence where we may see God’s glory face to face, that Christ may be manifest in us, and our lives may be a light to the world. Not only are we illumined by the light of Christ we become illumination and our lives become epiphanies of Christ for each other.

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Epiphany is often called the Theophany and the focus is on the baptism of Jesus. Over at Glory to God for All Things, Fr. Stephen Freeman offers rich reflections in a posting entitled "The Mystery of Theophany." Here's part of what he writes:

At Theophany, the waters of the world are revealed to be both Hades and the gate of Paradise. In Christ’s journey within and through the Church, everything is revealed to be such a place. You are my entry into Paradise as clearly as you may also be my entry into Hades. Love alone reveals things for what they are, and transforms them into what they were always intended to be. It is the gift of God.

Epiphany and Theophany blessings to you all!

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