Monday, May 2, 2011

St. Athanasius on the Relation of Christology and Soteriology

"If the works of the divinity of the Word had not taken place through a body, humanity would not have been made divine. And again, if the properties of the flesh had not been ascribed to the Word, humanity would not have been thoroughly freed from them. ... But now the Word became human and took as his own the properties of the flesh. Thus, because of the Word which has come in humanity, these attributes [death and corruption] no longer pertain to the flesh, but have been destroyed in the body by the Word. Henceforth people no longer remain sinful and dead according to their own attributes, but they rise in accordance with the Word's power, and remain immortal and incorruptible. And just as the flesh is said to have been begotten from Mary the Theotokos, he himself is said to have been begotten, he who brings to birth all others so that they come into being. This is in order that he may transfer our birth to himself, that we may no longer return as earth to earth, but, being joined with the Word from heaven, we may be carried up with him into heaven."

~ St. Athanasius, Orationes contra Arianos


Roland said...

I like this quote from St. Athanasius and the new picture (icon) on your site. The links to the Creeds is helpful to me also, as it's good for me to read and reread them, along with Holy Scripture. Keep "the Faith once delivered to the saints" and "press on regardless". Cheers!

The J-Dog said...

Hi, I'm working on an essay re Athanasius and this quote is really helpful. whre in the Orationes contra Arianos does it come from?


Bryan Owen said...

Greetings, J-Dog. It's been so long since I came across this quote that I'm afraid I don't recall exactly where to find it. My apologies.

I wish you all the best in your work on the Athanasius essay.

The J-Dog said...

Found it - it's 3.33. Thanks for posting it originally, and for replying.