Friday, June 17, 2011

A Summary of Why and How to Pray

Pray because
  1. Thou hast need.
  2. God commands thee.
  3. Of God's promises.
  4. Pray in faith of God's promise.
  5. Ask all things in Christ's name.
  6. Ask worldly and temporal things conditionally.
  7. Appoint God no time but abide his pleasure.
  8. In any wise pray in charity.
  9. Ask things pertaining to thy salvation, remission of sin and life everlasting, without condition.
¶ For these hath God certainly promised to all them that with a true faithful and obedient heart doth come unto him in earnest and continual prayer. (Ps. lxxxvii)

From the 1553 "Primer" of daily prayers for the laity as published in Love's Redeeming Work: The Anglican Quest for Holiness.


Joe Rawls said...

Anyone serious about Anglicanism should get a copy of Love's Redeeming Work and browse through it on a regular basis.

Bryan Owen said...

An excellent suggestion, Joe!