Thursday, January 5, 2012

Truth, "Postmodernism," and Classical Anglicanism

In the following video, Fr. Jonathan (who blogs at The Conciliar Anglican) offers a helpful perspective on the nature of truth in a "postmodern" context and thoughts on the importance of classical Anglicanism:

Early in the video, Fr. Jonathan says that classical Anglicanism "is the Gospel," and he goes on to say that classical Anglicanism "is not just a way, but the best way of coming to know the truth about Jesus Christ that's revealed in Holy Scripture and the witness of the early Church."

Later in the video, after noting that many cradle Episcopalians/Anglicans understand and present the faith in ways that deviate from tradition, here's how he answers the question, "What is classical Anglicanism?"

Classical Anglicanism is the faith of the early Church, the faith that we see reflected in the early Church Fathers and the Councils of the Church, the faith that was brought by early Christians to the British Isles, a faith that was then restored to the British Isles by St. Augustine of Canterbury in the year 597, a faith that had to again then be restored to the Church of England at the time of the Anglican Reformation in the 16th Century, a faith that produced many martyrs in the centuries after, not just in England but around the world, and a faith that is explained, that is put forward, that is expressed in the 39 Articles of Religion, the Catechism, and, most especially, in The Book of Common Prayer. And if that is not the Anglicanism that you've been taught, then it's not classical Anglicanism. And it may not be the Gospel either.

The video is also up on Fr. Jonathan's blog in a posting entitled "My truth, your truth, and a cheap shot at Pat Robertson."

Watch it all!


Fr. J said...

Thanks for the link! I'm still trying to work out the kinks of the program I'm using, but I did enjoy doing the video, and just getting the opportunity to talk about classical Anglicanism to a wider audience. Working on the second video now. Stay tuned!

Bryan Owen said...

I think doing a video series on classical Anglicanism is a great idea, Fr. J! I look forward to future installments.