Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thomas Cranmer: "In the scriptures be the fat pastures of the soul"

Wherefore, in few words to comprehend the largeness and utility of the scripture, how it containeth fruitful instruction and erudition for every man; if any things be necessary to be learned, of the holy scripture we may learn it. If falsehood shall be reproved, thereof we may gather wherewithal. If any thing be to be corrected and amended, if there need any exhortation or consolation, of the scripture we may well learn.

In the scriptures be the fat pastures of the soul; therein is no venomous meat, no unwholesome thing; they be the very dainty and pure feeding. He that is ignorant, shall find there what he should learn. He that is a perverse sinner, shall there find his damnation to make him to tremble for fear. He that laboureth to serve God, shall find there his glory, and the promissions of eternal life, exhorting him more diligently to labour. ...

Here may all manner of persons, men, women young, old, learned, unlearned, rich, poor, priests, laymen, lords, ladies, officers, tenants, and mean men, virgins, wives, widows, lawyers, merchants, artificers, husbandmen, and all manner of persons, of what estate or condition soever they be, may in this book learn all things what they ought to believe, what they ought to do, and what they should not do, as well concerning Almighty God, as also concerning themselves and all other.

Briefly, to the reading of the scripture none can be enemy, but that either be so sick that they love not to hear of any medicine, or else that be so ignorant that they know not scripture to be the most healthful medicine.


Father Ron Smith said...

St. John's Gospel:

"And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory - the glory as of the only-begotten Son of the father, full of grace and truth"

The Word needs to 'become flesh' in the Eucharist, for us to reap the benefits of the 'rich pastures' of the words of the Scriptures.

Reformation said...

Marvellous reminder of the good CANTAUR. 456th anniversary of his death a few days back, 21 Mar 1556. Thank you.