Thursday, April 5, 2012

Emil Brunner on the Scandal of Christianity

"The scandal of Christianity exists as a scandal only so long as we are full of ourselves. To believe in the cross of Christ is no scandal for those who have seen how perverted is their own wisdom, the wisdom of natural man. It is the very corrective for this perversion of our sight, it makes us look straight again, who by sin have become cross-eyed. The foolishness of the gospel is divine wisdom to all those who have been healed of the perversion which consists in making man’s reason and goodness the judge of all truth, that perversion which places man instead of God in the centre of the universe. The gospel is identical with the healing of this perversion, which in its depth and real significance is diabolical. It is the victory of God’s light over the powers of darkness.”

~ Emil Brunner, The Scandal of Christianity (1951)

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Anonymous said...

Sitting here on Friday morning with the day ahead, the price God paid to shine that light upon me weighs heavily.