Saturday, April 7, 2012

John Chryssavgis on the Scandal of the Cross

"On the cross, we encounter the struggle between the power of love (as it is revealed in Christ) and the love of power (as it is perceived by our world). The powerlessness of Christ has always threatened the powerfulness of the world. And the silence of the cross is the most eloquent sermon about the power of love. Despite what we know in ourselves and whatever we see in our world, the cross proclaims what love can and will achieve. The scandal of the cross is that, in spite of our wrongs and the wrongdoings of our world, God loves us to the point of death, even death on the cross."

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Dave said...

I love this quote. The Cross of Christ is the power of the gospel. Too often Christians allow the significance of this event to stop at mere thankfulness for salvation. However, once the reality of what God accomplished on the Cross takes root in our spirit then our lives will forever be changed. Feel free to check out my blog and post comments as well. Would love to continue the conversation at