Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Future of Anglicanism in North America

The other day I read the Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner's latest essay entitled "After the Fall" posted at the Anglican Communion Institute website. Here's the opening paragraph of that essay:

Who are the predominantly younger theologians and priests clustering around The Living Church’s Covenant blog? Or “A Tribe Called Anglican”? Or those who read more individual blogs like “Creedal Christian” or “The Conciliar Anglican”? Or those who have contributed to the recent book Pro Communione? Or who attend seminaries like Wycliffe College or Duke Divinity School? They are the future of Anglicanism in North America, that is who; and they are the reason why I am not so much worried about The Episcopal Church as eager simply to see the inevitable fruit of faithfulness whose seed is well-sown. The “times they are a-changin’”. “The first one now, will later be last.” 

To say that I was surprised to find my blog mentioned here would be an understatement.  I'm flattered that someone of Dr. Radner's stature would even know anything about my blog, much less commend it publicly.  I'm also humbled for my blog to be included in the company of others whom Dr. Radner views as "the future of Anglicanism in North America."  As if being a priest in Christ's holy catholic Church weren't a sufficiently daunting calling!

See also the reflections on Radner's essay posted at Catholicity and Covenant entitled "Here: On the vocation of catholic and evangelical Anglicans."


Anonymous said...

Build it and they will come!

The Underground Pewster said...

Or maybe Dr. Radner was talking about your readers...


Bryan Owen said...

No doubt you are correct, Underground Pewster!