Saturday, September 29, 2012

Musical Interlude with Manafest: "No Plan B"

"No turning back
There's no other path
And I know that this road is my destiny 
I've got to stick to the plan 
Cause there's no plan B"

I came across the song "No Plan B" while surfing channels on the radio the other day.  It's by Canadian Christian rapper and rock artist Manafest (his real name is Chris Greenwood).  While I'm not a big fan of rap, this song has captivated me.  The lyrics and the music form a seamless whole that I find compelling.  And in the lyrics, I hear someone who, perhaps with difficulty, has come to terms with a calling to a particular path in life and the need to let go of the past.  While not without doubt and struggle, now there is acceptance, determination, and the courage to stay the course. 

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