Monday, October 15, 2012

Anglican Digest Board of Trustees Meeting

Early in the morning I'll travel from Jackson, Mississippi to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  It's time for the annual Board of Trustees meeting for The Anglican Digest.  A clergy friend who serves on the board nominated me last year to fill a vacant slot.  I don't know what he said about me, but it worked to get me appointed!

Here's what The Anglican Digest website says about this publication:

From its beginning in 1958 by Father Foland, THE ANGLICAN DIGEST (TAD) has sought to reflect "the words and work of the faithful throughout the Anglican Communion" and, in that respect, has proudly and consistently supported the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Church. TAD has always been supported by its loyal readers; it is utterly independent of any convention, arm or agency of the Church. Independent, except, of course, for its loyalty to the orthodox Catholic faith as received by Anglicanism. It is a traditional, but not reactionary, voice in the Church. 
While its own heritage is Prayer Book Catholic, it is open to the needs and accomplishments of all expressions of Anglicanism: Anglo-Catholic, Broad, Evangelical. Its "market" is the entire Church, clergy and lay, those highly theologically educated and "babes in Christ." So the material in each issue is a mixture of themes for a varied audience, including ministry ideas for clergy and laity, devotional and historical material, as well as humor and news briefs from around the Anglican Communion.  
In short, its pocket-size pages are made up of "some things old, some things new, most things borrowed, everything true."
Published quarterly by SPEAK, the Society for Promoting and Encouraging Arts and Knowledge (of the Church) at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, THE ANGLICAN DIGEST is sent to anyone who desires to receive it. TAD is supported solely by contributions, suggested amount $25 per year, and a limited number of advertisements of organizations which, like TAD, seek to serve the Anglican Communion. Opinions expressed in articles in THE ANGLICAN DIGEST are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of its Board of Trustees. 

Take a virtual tour of Hillspeak, the home of The Anglican Digest.  And check out the guest quarters.

For information on how to receive The Anglican Digest, click here.  Also, consider making a donation.

I've enjoyed The Anglican Digest since I first became an Episcopalian back in my 20s.  And while it's a long drive to Eureka Springs from Jackson, I'm looking forward to being in such a beautiful place and to spending time with the other board members as we take seek to nurture and promote this ministry.

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