Saturday, January 19, 2013

Starting Out at St. Luke's, Baton Rouge

Blogging continues to be slow as I adjust to a new home in Baton Rouge and a new position as rector of St. Luke's Episcopal Church.  I've been on the job at St. Luke's for two weeks, with my second Sunday coming tomorrow.  It's been fast and furious.  My first Sunday (Epiphany 1) included a baptism at one of the four services.  Last Wednesday evening was the "Celebration of a New Ministry" and my formal 'installation' as rector (more here, and here where there is a photo of my LSU Tigers stole).  We've had a death and will be planning for a funeral next week.  And tomorrow morning (Epiphany 2) is the annual parish meeting including the election of new vestry members, with my first official vestry meeting taking place next week.  Never a dull moment!

And then today the Baton Rouge paper published an article about me entitled "Epiphany in Eucharist."  I'm definitely not used to this kind of attention.  But the article is well written and it's yet another injection of positive energy for a parish that's poised on the edge of wonderful things.

I've jokingly told folks that starting out at St. Luke's feels a bit like drinking water out of five fire hoses.  But I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  I'm thrilled to be in such a terrific parish.  God is good!

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