Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rob Bell's 'Oprahfied' Theology

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, best-selling author Rob Bell shares his theological vision.  Compared to what BC at Catholicity and Covenant describes as "the mystery of Incarnation, Cross, and Resurrection" and "the great drama of the Paschal Mystery," Bell offers a "spirituality" that is at best a sad, bland, and boring substitute.  And as Andrew Wilson writes on his blog, this interview "is probably a far better reductio ad absurdum of so-called 'progressive' Christianity than anything I could write myself."

Check it out:

Here are some of the "highlights":

Oprah: What is the soul?
Bell: It's the thing that keeps telling you there's more.

Oprah: Your definition of God?
Bell: Like a song you hear in another room, and you think, "Boy, that sounds beautiful but I can only hear a little bit.

Oprah: What does prayer mean to you?
Bell: Prayer to me is usually one word, which is, "Yes.  I'm open.  What's next?"  That's what it is.

Oprah: What's the lesson that's taken you longest to learn?
Bell: There's nothing to prove.  All that's left to do is enjoy.

Oprah: What do you know for sure?
Bell: That you can say "yes" to this moment, and you can experience a joy that can't be put into words.

Oprah: The world needs ...
Bell: ... all of us to wake up.

Oprah: I believe ...
Bell: ... that we're going to be fine.

Oprah: Heaven is ...
Bell: ... here and now and then and there and at hand and among us and upon us and available and real.

Oprah: My favorite thing to do on Sunday morning is ...
Bell: My thirteen-year-old son and I will often go surfing.

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Anonymous said...

Such a shame. I remember when I read "Love Wins" thinking that Bell's thinking sounded much like Lewis's. Makes his recent trajectory-which is not surprising I suppose-all the sadder.